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workshops, trainings
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Develop new ideas for innovative products and services. Get to know the fastest way to add insights from your markets to the knowledge of your team.


Storythinking combines design thinking as innovation method with the empathic powers of storytelling.


How do you show something that doesn’t exist yet?

tell stories of the future

to explore future scenarios, we recommend 3 steps:

Understand context and needs of your audience and get the user into your company.
Harmonize departments and develop ideas in storytelling workshops.
Minimize your risk step by step by iterating fast and early with real data.

How does it look through your customers eyes?

harmonize departmental silos

Complex challenges are best solved in interdisciplinary teams. Innovation stories provide a framework to integrate distributed experiences and ideas. They avoid jargon and allow everybody to add knowledge in an empathic and meaningful way.





How do you find out if are on the right track?

The customer is your hero

Good products and services will be recommended. But what is good? Judge from the perspective of your customers. Using personas you get a real picture of context and needs. They are the heroes of your innovation story.







How can you get everybody on board?

Optimize with real data

If you iterate often, you ensure to stay in line with market needs. To do so, you need fast prototypes that are easy to alter. The fastest and most agile prototype is a narrative.





And what is in there for you?

inspect future today

Innovation stories balance internal and external perspectives. A shared vision for stakeholder, experts and developers speeds up the process and helps to create a lively innovation culture. You get the chance to thrill your customers with products and services they love and recommend.

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Curious about your real customers? Want to armonize different departmental needs? Check if your ideas survive in reality? Or simply interested in organizing an innovation event?
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If technical fascination and departmental interests become more important then customer needs, innovations are prone to fail.
To change that we founded the storythinkers.